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The sad state of our media, BP #oilpocalypse edition

We’re going to give you “balanced” and “counter-intuitive” coverage  whether you like it or not, America:

1) Summary: The Good Side of the Oil Spill
Name: Gary Hewing (CNN)
Category: Biotech and Healthcare
Email: query-ce7@helpareporter.com
Media Outlet: CNN
Deadline: 04:00 PM EST - 2 June
Looking for pitches: The Good Side of the Oil Spill
- if there is any.

Kill me now.

Via Steve Benen who pleads:

I realize the need to air “both sides” of a story is gospel at many media outlets, but can we agree that sometimes, disasters are just disasters?

Traditional media deathwatch

Paul Krugman speaks the truth:

[A] fact isn’t worth reporting unless someone is prepared to deny it.

Websites to Watch for: Climate Central

Climate Central, a collaboration between climate scientists and journalists [h/t CJR]:

Climate Central is a hybrid team of nearly two dozen journalists and scientists — spread between a main office in Princeton, New Jersey and a smaller one in Palo Alto, California — who work side by side on stories for television, print, and the Web. Relying upon the similar non-profit business model as The Center for Investigative Reporting , ProPublica, and others, Climate Central pitches its work to local and national news outlets, looking for collaborative editorial partnerships. It also makes its various experts, many of who are still affiliated with major research institutions, available as primary sources. The goal is to “localize” the story around regions, states, or even cities, in order to highlight the various and particular ways that changes in climate are affecting people’s daily lives.

“Scientists” and the media

Via Climate Progress, I see that the right wing news outlet Politico has an unconscionably misleading headline “Scientists urge caution on global warming” for a story that reads like a warmed-over Inhofe press release.  Several people are quoted in the article, including Senate aides John Hart and Marc Morano. But who are the “scientists” of the headline? Apparently retired meteorologist Joe D’Aleo and anti-regulation think tank favorite Patrick Michaels (along with a reference to the laughable Oregon Petition). So the headline is technically correct in the sense that “scientists” can mean “scientist +1”.

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Media LHC doomsday reporting

It isn’t amusing any more, if it ever was.

If you are a member of the media, and you have “reported” credulously that it is even remotely plausible that the collisions (or even more ridiculously, turning the damn thing on) will destroy or end the world, you are contributing to a serious problem. People are receiving death threats and killing themselves because of the atrocious media hysteria.

Those who persist in perpetuating these unfounded, sensationalized rumors after being corrected, and especially those who do so after being made aware of the negative consequences of their actions, are morally if not legally responsible for the results of their actions. Due diligence- it’s your job:

On a lighter note:

“Sizzle” Tuesday

Seems to have fizzled. Lots of common criticisms (muddled pacing, broad stereotyping, unnecessary characters, lack of a cohesive/coherent narrative, etc.). Full list of reviews beneath the fold.

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Wilkins Ice Shelf and forecasting the media reaction

The Wilkins Ice Shelf is back (e.g. here and here) in the news.

Image courtesy of the European Space Agency

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