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You can’t stop the signal

DeSmogBlog has some delicious follow up to the bumbling and ultimately failed censorship attempt by denialist Watts.

The closing comment from Peter Sinclair is unadulterated WIN:

I wish to extend my sincerest gratitude to YouTube, to all those who advised and supported me in this effort, and most especially, to Anthony Watts and SurfaceStation.org, for providing invaluable exposure to my video series, and greatly increasing my traffic and visibility.

Videobreak: The video that denialist Watts tried to get pulled from YouTube



“Sorry to post off topic (although the comments are all backslapping anyway) but is there a reason you (Anthony) filed a DMCA complaint against Greenman3610’s youtube video “Watts up with Watts”?

From Youtube:
“This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Anthony Watts Surfacestations.org”

Surely his video falls under fair use. Relying on the nanny state to attack critics or am I missing something?

REPLY: I don’t care to discuss my reasons here as they are private and unrelated to this discussion. Google agreed that complaint was valid and removed the video. – Anthony”

Backstory here, here, or here .