Christopher Monckton, birther – Part III

This is not a spoof or comedy bit. This is Monckton appearing for Wearing a US flag shirt. And a cowboy hat. And a (prop?) gun.

He also titillated Heartland‘s annual climate denialapolooza with similar birther antics.

Back in March, Monckton went full-fledged birther on the Dennis Miller show, claiming the President’s birth certificate is a forgery

Previously, Monckton hinted (at a Koch-funded Tea Party rally) that he believed that President Obama was born in Kenya. While he later claimed to be joking, Monckton rejected the idea that the President was definitely born in the US.

Prior to that, Monckton conflated Obama with the mass-murdering terrorist Osama bin Laden, and claimed Obama and others seeking to mitigate climate change would “kill tens of millions” in a keynote speech hosted by the Heartland Institute.

Note:  Monckton’s birtherism- along with his claims of inventing a cure for HIV, of winning a Nobel prize, of being a member of the House of Lords, etc.- is simply crank magnetism in action. Those who are cranks in one area are very seldom cranks in that area alone, be it because they’re shilling for special interests, indoctrinated in an unscientific ideology, or they’re just a bit touched. We see this time and again with Dick Lindzen’s and Fred Seitz’s smoking-cancer denial, Baliunas’s, Michaels’s, Singer’s,  Happer’s, and Seitz’s CFCs-ozone depletion denial, Roy Spencer’s creationism and “DDT = a holocaust” claims, and on and on and on. Those that deny the reality of anthropogenic warming rarely limit themselves to that delusion alone.

The point here is not source degradation. Their arguments, such as they are, should be and are refuted on their merits elsewhere. But for those who like to keep track of such things, crank magnetism just gained another data point.


3 responses to “Christopher Monckton, birther – Part III

  1. I saw “lord” monckton at the Univ. of San Diego earlier this year.

    When I arrived at the campus to attend his performance, I set out to find the lecture-hall where he was appearing. When I spotted a parked car with a “Where’s the Birth Certificate” bumper-sticker, I knew that I was getting close to the lecture hall.

    And yes, the audience lived up to the scariest and nuttiest “tea-party” stereotypes.

    The depressing thing is, there were hundreds of them — possibly 500 or more, by my inexact eyeball estimates. Far more than attended Bill McKibben’s talk at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography last month.

  2. “Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humor, it is impossible to create a parody of fundamentalism that someone won’t mistake for the real thing.”

    With a tip of my ten gallon hat to wikipedia.

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