Videobreak: Preview for “EARTH: The Operators’ Manual”

Earth: The Operators’ Manual is a three part mini-series from PBS, airing beginning April 10, 2011. It’s hosted by climate communicator extraordinaire Richard Alley.


9 responses to “Videobreak: Preview for “EARTH: The Operators’ Manual”

  1. Only people who hate the planet embed Flash video. :-)

    This will be an interesting series and it will be interesting to watch the response from across the spectrum…

  2. How did you get the Flash video to embed on a site? Even if it’s within an html tag I haven’t been able to embed videos other than YouTube.

  3. Thanks, I like the upbeat soundtrack. Hope there is more from people who like windpower and have it in their backyard. I wish I had recorded Alley when I first heard him speak when he was a grad student in 1985, he worked hard to become good.

  4. They’re in Denmark now filming the island of Samso for upcoming episodes (you want to talk wind power…):

  5. In this ‘graph:

    “On the contrary, climate science is necessarily an interdisciplinary field. And it’s precisely this patchwork, factious nature of the field that makes the aforementioned consensus all the more striking.”

    I believe the writer may have intended for the word “factious” to actually be ‘fractious.’

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