Stop blaming Rahm for Obama’s decisions

Taking a page from the Stoat playbook…

Obama is the President and as such it’s on him for deciding not to move on climate legislation before health care, for backing someone like Blanche Lincoln who is going to go on and vote against the Obama admin’s EPA’s authority to regulate GHGs. [UPDATE: On a positive note, the Murkoswki resolution failed 53-47.]

Progressive, liberals, and die hard environmentalists need to get it through their heads that Obama is a run of the mill corporatist Democrat, which would put him on the center right in any other Western democracy. He chose Rahm Emanuel to be his Chief of Staff. He did so knowing that Emanuel was instrumental in the creation of a block of votes antagonistic to progressive goals and was a vociferous advocate of Clinton’s triangulation/rightward lurch in the 90s.

You don’t choose someone like that for your CoS or even a senior advisor unless you believe that his insights and goals are sound. People using Emanuel as a scapegoat are in denial about the kind of politician Obama is. If you don’t agree, read his biography and hear it from the President himself.

And of course this makes the ravings of Tea Partiers and the ostensibly mainstream right about “socialism” and “radical agendas” even more absurd.

Obama understands that GHG emissions and climate change are a serious problem. But he believes that health care, and nuclear weapon proliferation, and Mideast destabilization are all serious problems as well. For the reality-based community, it was a breath of fresh air to see someone not regurgitate Heartland conference talking points from the Oval Office, but make no mistake- Obama decided, and decided early on, to sacrifice comprehensive climate legislation in order to move on health care. And as much as I’ve bad mouthed Nancy Pelosi in the past, her effort to push Waxman-Markey/ACES through when she knew she had the votes was both gutsy and prescient. If the White House had wanted to, it could have seized that remarkable opportunity.

And the failure to do so rests with President Obama alone.


One response to “Stop blaming Rahm for Obama’s decisions

  1. For what it’s worth, I agree. Rahm is the guy who makes Obama’s problems go away. Obama hired him knowing full well who Emanuel is.

    Face it, if he couldn’t figure that out, he’s way too stupid to be President.

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