QotD, Likely Death of US Climate Legislation Edition

Copyright by World Economic Forum; Photo by Michael Wuertenberg

Upon hearing the news that Lindsey Graham is going to oppose his own climate legislation, over at The Economist’s Democracy in America, MS writes [bold mine, italics original]:

I’VE got two kids, aged five and seven. Pretty much every week, they come home from school talking about saving the planet in various ways. A couple of months ago my five-year-old, as I was leaving the kids’ bedroom after story time, tried to gain a few extra seconds before lights-out by asking: “Dad? Dad? How does the ozone layer protect the earth from the sun?” The kids bug me when I drive to the neighbourhood store rather than walking, because it “poisons the atmosphere”. They bug me about not recycling enough. They bug me about making sure our tuna fish doesn’t contain bluefin. We don’t even buy tuna fish; the kids don’t like the taste. I’ve thought about asking the teachers at school whether they can tone down the environmental curriculum a bit because it’s creating expectations I can’t live up to, but then I remember the Ranger Rick stuff I had in my classroom, as America was gearing up the huge, successful behaviour-change communication campaigns that essentially eliminated littering in the 1970s. (If you don’t think America has eliminated littering: visit the third world. America has eliminated littering.) And I think, let the teachers do their jobs.

So, yesterday Lindsay [sic] Graham announced he would vote against the current version of the climate-change legislation he initially helped author, now known as the Kerry-Lieberman amendment…

I really just wanted to add a caveat to Mr Drum’s final sentence: “We are, in this case, getting exactly the government we deserve. A government of children.” As far as I can see, that’s not the problem. The children seem to be obsessed with reducing CO2 emissions. If they were running the joint, we’d be doing fine. The problem is the grown-ups. We suck. I’m aware that it’s a weepy cliche to say you’re trying to figure out how to explain something to your kids, but I am quite literally trying to figure out how to explain this to my kids, who will, if experience is any guide, be asking about it.

Also worth reading, Ezra Klein on the failed “Lone Republican” strategy.

UPDATE: Also, Bradford Plumer (nice pic, BTW) notes Graham’s flip flop into denialism:

[O]nce upon a time, Graham was saying stuff like this: “All the cars and trucks and plants that have been in existence since the Industrial Revolution, spewing out carbon day-in and day-out, will never convince me that’s a good thing for your children and the future of the planet.” But never say never. Here’s Graham today: “We can have a debate about global warming, and I’m not in the camp that believes man-made emissions are contributing overwhelmingly to global climate change, but I do believe the planet is heating up.” That was fast.


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  1. Just a quick thanks to let you know I’m still reading. Thanks for this post.


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