BPA regulation’s lesson for climate disruption

New Alarm Bells About Chemicals and Cancer:

Studies of BPA have raised alarm bells for decades, and the evidence is still complex and open to debate. That’s life: In the real world, regulatory decisions usually must be made with ambiguous and conflicting data. The panel’s point is that we should be prudent in such situations, rather than recklessly approving chemicals of uncertain effect.

What a novel f*cking concept, eh?

The parallels between the fight over BPAs with climate mitigation are legion. Here’s hoping that both issues can be solved before any further harm is locked in.

[via Balloon Juice]


6 responses to “BPA regulation’s lesson for climate disruption

  1. “The parallels between the fight over BPAs with climate mitigation are legion.”

    But in regards to AGW there is substantially less uncertanty, making action even more compelling.

  2. Less uncertainty?
    More manufactured uncertainty, I’d say.
    Brought to you by who else, GMU:

  3. @ Hank

    More certainty in regards to AGW if you wish. I think the BPA stuff is all fairly recent, while AGW has been known for quite a while. Anything known for only a short amount of time is going to have more uncertainty attached to it.

    BTW for what it is worth I went out and bought a new water bottle when this first hit the news… one made of good old fashion metal (hopefully not lead:).

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