Collapsed rig leaking oil in the Gulf

The Deepwater Horizon offshore oil drilling platform that suffered a catastrophic explosion and collapsed last week has begun leaking oil, covering an area of over 1800 square miles (~4670 km2). NASA has some images of the spill taken from the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer module on-board their AQUA satellite and the Advanced Land Imager on EO-1. Click for larger versions.

Via Revkin.

[UPDATE: The European Space Agency has imaging from satellites as well:

Click to enlarge.]


4 responses to “Collapsed rig leaking oil in the Gulf

  1. What a beautiful leak. I love the oily mass that bulges outwards from a bent pipe. A brown Rorschach blot of the automobile culture.

    My most fervent hope is that all efforts to stop and mitigate this masterwork are failures. The incontinent flow of hydrocarbons shall continue for the decay of all.

    I would love to see a sea of greasy Devil’s blood flowing into the ocean forever more. The spew that flew right on through.

    Then the World can move on into its next phase, the Dark Phase of death, decline and destruction. Soon, all the works of humans will decay and so too will themselves be brought to the altar of slaughter, to account for their crimes of existence.

  2. The oilmass grows like a joyous cancer, full of many new kinds of life. Time to drive to a slicker, browner future: time to put your keys in the ignition!

  3. this is so stupid! We need to stop the drilling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It is killing fish!!!!!! It will end up killing us!!!!

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