UK inquiry exonerating Phil Jones fails to appease conspiracy theorists

Exoneration can only mean that the investigation was illegitimate. After all, in the eyes of denialists, the only legitimate reviews, investigations, etc. are the ones that reach the conclusions they want.

But then, you already knew that.

[UPDATE: See BigCityLib Strikes BackDeSmogBlog; Hot Topic; James Annan; Rabbet Run; RealClimate; Stoat for more.]


3 responses to “UK inquiry exonerating Phil Jones fails to appease conspiracy theorists

  1. The purpose of Parliamenary select committee enquiries is not to reveal the truth but to show that nobody connected with government would ever fall short of the highest moral sandards.

    This is achieved by not asking key witnesses any questions they do not want to be asked.

    Thus Tony Blair was exonerated in the Iraq war enquiry because he “believed” there were weapons of mass destruction even thoough he had been told by several authoritative sources there weren’t.

    Thus ministers involved in the Saudi fighter planes scandal were found to be innocent because they said they had done nothing wrong and a gentleman would not lie would he?

    Thus an investigation into the “suicide” of a scientist who talked too much about events leading up to the Iraq invasion could ignore an independent medical report that suggested cuts to his wrists were not deep enough to have been fatal and had been inflicted post mortem and that cause of death was a blow to the back of the head. He committed suicide by hitting himself on the back of the head.

    Yes we knew the select committee would find no evidence of wrongdoing by anybody in an official position. The government still wants an excuse to levy its carbon tax.

    Climategate: Absence of Evidence

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