Videobreak: Leveling Appalachia and trailer for Dirty Oil

First, congrats to Yale Environment 360 on its National Magazine Award for this short film about mountaintop removal mining:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Next up, the trailer for Dirty Oil, a new feature length documentary from Leslie Iwerks playing now in the UK:


2 responses to “Videobreak: Leveling Appalachia and trailer for Dirty Oil

  1. This has turned into something of a rant, for that I apologise.

    From the title, before I’d watched the video. The first thing I thought, is that there is no such thing as clean oil – all oil is dirty. There’s a guy in the video who says: “There’s no such thing as dirty oil”, well the planet begs to differ. But to misquote and abuse Orwell, all oils are dirty, but some oils are dirtier than others. And the definition of dirty would include the whole process, from the well / mine, including the tailings ponds [or whatever they’re called], through transport, refining to the exhaust-pipe, or power station chimney, where the CO2 & etc. enters the atmosphere.

    Of course, we need to stop digging-up all fossil-fuels ASAP, especially coal, Orimulsion [bitumen] and the tar sands. I feel confident that TB knows much more than me, but for others: Richard Alley says we’re digging up coal a *’million times faster’* than it was deposited. We need Nuclear reactors and lots of them, to be replaced by Fast Reactors ASAP [Fast Reactors [IFRs] have numerous advantages over Thermal. Google IFR]; massive investment in energy efficiency; hyper-efficient insulation; a super grid; renewables where appropriate [but I see this as a long-term aspiration]; and carbon taxes that ramp-up year on year.

    Now the denialists will serve-up some bogus pseudo-scientific clap-trap, aided and abetted by the armies of McIdiot & tWatts zombies etc. to comfort the public who’ve been bamboozled by Denial Industry propaganda that this doesn’t matter, but it worries many scientists. It worries little me, not for myself, but for my children, their cohort and future generations who will be on the receiving end of the consequences. And it’s becoming increasinly clear that the consequences could be bad to very bad.

    We should be passing the world on, to future generations in good heart, not leaving it ravaged, despoiled and generally trashed because we couldn’t give a shit about anything but money and our energy slaves.

    Homo sapiens plus agriculture plus money plus greed plus the Denial Industry has clearly led to the perfect disaster this planet could ever experience. I think things will get very bad for those in the D.I. when people realise what lies have been told. But like Seitz, Singer, and many of the other lying bastards will be dead, having caused untold thousands of tobacco-related deaths and subsequent climate related deaths.

    Richard Alley Dances to Explain Ice Ages, CO2 and Global Warming
    Watch the whole video, but for the *’million times faster’* see: 2.00 onwards.

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