Videobreak: Brian Cox and the Wonders of the Solar System

Wonders of the Solar System hosted by Brian Cox.

If you get BBC Two or are creative enough to find it in a different venue, it’s well worth the watch. The first episode was a brilliant pop science show.


7 responses to “Videobreak: Brian Cox and the Wonders of the Solar System

  1. My only complaint was that they effectively cut-out the equation to calculate the entire solar energy from the measurement of the tin. It can be looked up/worked out, but why not just let BC say it? Did they think everyone would switch off if he did?

    Otherwise I enjoyed it – and even better, so my young daughter :)

    • I thought that was a little strange as well, but I figured that anyone who wanted to look it up could. It’s not as though they went into great detail in describing which solar processes were correlated with the streamflow of the Parana river, or what statistical tools they used to tease it out.

      Again, though, as pop science I think it was tremendous.

  2. The trailer looked intriguing, even tho’ the stock footage was familiar. I try to be creative to find a way to watch it.

  3. The first episode was indeed brilliant. PBS should buy this series pronto and air it in America. Otherwise it will get chopped by 20 minutes to add commercials and lost in the din of junk that passes for TV these days.
    Going further on the solar output equation would have lost viewers- BBC did that just perfectly.

  4. Second episode was even better, I think. Though there weren’t enough shots from Cassini – but then there could never be enough shots from Cassini and I only complain because my TV’s larger than my monitor ;)

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