Predictions made easy


The denialosphere is going to do the same thing it has always done- trumpet the very existence of this as a victory, and yet simultaneous proclaim that it is compromised from the get-go because of “groupthink”, back-scratching, or some other imagined insufficiency of independence. The concern trolling from the usual suspects will be something to behold. [UPDATE: They never let me down.]

In the eyes of denialists, the only legitimate reviews, investigations, etc. are the ones that reach the conclusions they want.

Guilty until proven innocent and all that.


15 responses to “Predictions made easy

  1. You’ll notice the interesting tone of the Nature editorial. Nowhere does the word “denialist” appear. I believe it has taken the approach that to have a dialogue with the other camp, a serious discussion, words like that must not be part of it. Until both sides act with courtesy and civility no progress will be made.

  2. wascawwy wabbit

    Until both sides act with courtesy and civility no progress will be made.

    One side will *never* act with courtesy and civility. So I guess that pretty much rules out any hope of progress.

  3. Wascal, I disagree. I believe if you remove the politicians and the advocates progress can, indeed, be made.

  4. Sean, if you remove the politicians and the advocates from the other side who is left?

  5. Just me, I guess!

  6. But the term denialist is accurate, at least for some (most I would say). Very few on the ‘other side’ can legitimately be called skeptics.

  7. You will never engage the other side until the rhetoric and inflammatory language is removed from the discussion.

  8. But as we keep saying, Sean, the evidence thus far is that the vocal people on the other side don’t want to engage. Hence the inflammatory language they use.
    However if we ignore them and go for the undecided, the don’t knows, etc, we can outnumber the denialists.

    • Perhaps the most vocal are the most uniformed. John Mashey posted comments made by one side that are, indeed, atrocious and I disagree with such behaviour. I don’t know who said those things but I wonder if they were merely bloggers and not scientists.

  9. Sean, you mean remove things like:widely-heard people demanding that climate scientists be “drawn and quartered,” that there are “not enough hari kari knives for them” or that they merely be “publicly flogged.” ?

    Do you have any scientists friends who routinely get death threats? or worse? (such that people’s children feel unsafe in their own homes)?

  10. John, the hyperbole is not limited to one side. Hansen has said some pretty outrageous stuff, as has Gore and Ramm. I could go on but I won’t. My point is that you won’t hear such things from me during discussions.

    • Please cite anything remotely approaching what John Mashey is talking about coming from climate scientists or public policy advocates like Gore.

      Hansen’s comments are strongly, but carefully, worded. Don’t conflate his actual statements with the lies attributed to him by those seeking to destroy his reputation.

      Edited to add-

      Perhaps it’s worth reviewing Sean’s contributions to civil and constructive dialog, hmmm?

  11. My comment was made because I dislike criticisms and comments from anonymous speakers. If you make serious charges and comments you should at least sign your name. Not doing so reduces accountability. Unless, of course, that revealing it would jeopardize your employment or prevents you from stating an opinion that is contrary to how you are perceived in public. I put my real name down and I think you should, too.

    • My comments stand or fall based on the evidence I provide, not because of my name. This “what’s your real name” dance so beloved by the Wattsian crowd doesn’t really do much to refute the idea that they cannot distinguish between fallacious arguments and logically sound ones.

      I have a comments section on this blog where Roger is free to address me. The same, of course, can’t be said for him.

      • That’s fine; it’s your blog and I only a visitor here and allowed to post as you see fit. So thanks for keeping this going. Shall we move on?

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