In a climate of fear

Nature has published an editorial calling upon the community to reaffirm the broad scientific conclusions in light of the high profile attacks being waged across talk radio and the blogosphere:

The core science supporting anthropogenic global warming has not changed. This needs to be stated again and again, in as many contexts as possible. Scientists must not be so naive as to assume that the data speak for themselves. Nor should governments. Scientific agencies in the United States, Europe and beyond have been oddly silent over the recent controversies.

You can read the whole thing here (or here).

Speaking of the war on climate science, a clip of Naomi Oreskes has been making the rounds of late. She’s giving a talk for the University of Rhode Island’s People and Planet Global Environmental Change, Vetlesen lecture in support of her upcoming book Merchants of Doubt:

Oreskes is also featured on a recent podcast of “Are We Alone?”, along with Stephen Schneider on denialism, and Simon Donner on corals in a warming and acidifying ocean.


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