Skeptical Science is now an iPhone App

Image shamelessly lifted from Skeptical Science


Most readers probably don’t need to know any more than that before racing off to download it. For those of you who may not know about Skeptical Science, a bit of background:

Skeptical Science is a fantastic blog run by John Cook, which I link to often. A physicist by training, John has approached the climate issue from an educated layman’s perspective, and seeks to address common “skeptic” complaints, myths, and attacks on climate science by doing something they never seem to- examining what the science actually says! To that end John tracks down relevant studies [full disclosure- I occasionally send papers I think might be helpful] and synthesizes their main points in a way that is both easy for the general public to digest and doesn’t sacrifice nuance or detail.

So visit Skeptical Science for more info, or just click the image at the top of this post to be taken to the iTunes store. And spread the word! This is an immensely handy resource and climate realists, proper skeptics, and science fans in general will love having it.

You can also follow Skeptical Science on Twitter.


One response to “Skeptical Science is now an iPhone App

  1. This is awesome, now I just need an iPhone….

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