About that Daily Mail “mini ice age story”

The Daily Mail has published a pretty miserable piece claiming that we’re about to undergo some extended cooling, which has been making the rounds on message forums and email chains. Mojib Latif and Anastasios Tsonis are cited as refuting the mainstream view of climatic change, specifically with regard to the influence of anthropogenic greenhouse emissions. Given the way that Latif’s words have been twisted in the past to claim he was predicting global cooling, alarm bells immediately went off. Sure enough, Latif seems to have been quoted out of context [h/t BD] for the purpose of making it sound like he believes virtually the opposite of what he actually does.

The Tsonis quotes seem similarly implausible. You can read more about what Latif and Tsonis have actually written and how their work is being spun here and here.

[UPDATE: See Climate Progress for more on misrepresenting Latif and the NSIDC. Also, The Great Beyond.]


3 responses to “About that Daily Mail “mini ice age story”

  1. If I were Latif, I’d be paranoid by now that everything I said would be taken to mean something that was not meant.

  2. I said yesterday in a comment on a blog that this was some misunderstanding, to quote Latif like this. Well that turned out to be right.

  3. Good to see Latif setting the record straight so quickly this time. I’ve got a bit more detail on all this, plus a look at David Rose’s debut as a climate “investigative journalist” (his words) a month ago. Can you guess which modern-day Galileo that initial article (on ClimateGate) relied on?


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