Climate “skeptics” are anything but: “Russia” vs. CRU edition

Just like “Spain” found that green energy killed jobs, we now learn that “Russia” has accused CRU of fudging the surface instrumental record.

And by “Russia”, they actually mean an anti-regulation think tank founded by a CATO Senior Fellow who previously referred to the Kyoto Protocol as an “international Auschwitz” that was “killing off the world economy”.

Protip: They have front groups in other countries, too, fellas.

This is the equivalent of creationists from Russia citing a Discovery Institute “paper” and press release as “US claims evidence for ‘evolution’ has been faked”. Has there ever been a more credulous group of “skeptics” in the history of our species?


5 responses to “Climate “skeptics” are anything but: “Russia” vs. CRU edition

  1. This may mean nothing, but one of the John Adams Associates clients is/was the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia.
    (JAA having been part of the 1998 “Global Climate Science Team”, immortalized in the Joe Walker memo)

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  4. I hope this of interest

    thanks for your post on Russians being the Cato institute

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