Climate vs. weather writ large

Jan-Oct 09 GISTEMP anomaly

Jan-Oct 09 GISTEMP anomaly

The 2000s are the hottest decade on record, per the WMO and NOAA, easily beating out the 90s which were themselves hotter than the 80s.

Meanwhile, there’s a fairly big winter storm brewing across parts of the US.

Keep the former in mind when your relatives start emailing you about the latter with clever RE lines like “Where’s your global warming now?”


4 responses to “Climate vs. weather writ large

  1. But let us always be careful not to conflate:

    1) Cold

    2) Snow

    which happens all too often.

  2. And no doubt the Wassup denio-machine will be touting the 3rd warmest November as loudly as they pimped the 3rd coldest October.

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