Happy Earth Science Week!

This year’s theme is Understanding Climate. Check out what’s going on near you, take a look at some of the wonderful climate-related blogs to the right (including the newest edition “my big fat planet“), and maybe watch an inspirational movie while you’re at it. Don’t forget that this Thursday is also Blog Action Day, also focusing on climate change.


6 responses to “Happy Earth Science Week!

  1. Here’s some info about a *very* sobering paper that was published in the online version of Science just last week: http://www.climate.ucla.edu/news/article.asp?parentid=4676

    Quick excerpt:
    You would have to go back at least 15 million years to find carbon dioxide levels on Earth as high as they are today, a UCLA scientist and colleagues report Oct. 8 in the online edition of the journal Science.

    “The last time carbon dioxide levels were apparently as high as they are today — and were sustained at those levels — global temperatures were 5 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit higher than they are today, the sea level was approximately 75 to 120 feet higher than today, there was no permanent sea ice cap in the Arctic and very little ice on Antarctica and Greenland,”…

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  3. This Earth Science Week’s focus is on understanding climate. We are now 2 months out from the all important UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. It is a likely last opportunity for the world to come together on global warming in advance of the Kyoto Protocol expiration.

    My Center is using Earth Science Week to kick off 2 months of climate education. Featured at Blog on the Universe are posts on Earth’s environment and climate change that are great for the general public, and can also be used as lessons in the classroom.

    Read them with a cup of coffee.

    See: http://twttr.me/06O

    Jeff Goldstein, Center Director
    National Center for Earth and Space Science Education

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  5. In the every region of this earth, the climate is changing day by day and going to worse. We should do something positive for it!
    Earth Science Expert

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