Lomborg joins the black-carbon bandwagon

In the Financial Times, Lomborg is doing his usual thing in duping the media into believing he’s saying one thing when he’s really saying another- the headline blares “Sceptic switches tack”, and notes that Lomborg wants a climate treaty. Of course he’s still opposing CO2 emissions reductions- so in that it’s the same old song and dance in a slightly different costume.

It is worth noting, however, that he explicitly endorses cutting black-carbon (“soot”), a mitigation tool that seems to be gaining increasing popularity even among those opposed to (the still much needed but politically less popular) carbon emission reductions. As Copenhagen looms, I wouldn’t be surprised to see BC reductions and efficiency increases emerge as a possible bridge between the “common but differentiated responsibilities” of the developed and developing worlds.

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3 responses to “Lomborg joins the black-carbon bandwagon

  1. rustneversleeps

    I cynically think that “Skeptic switches tack” half refers to Lomborg switching horses to “ocean acidification denial”. I mean, how the hell can he be calling for “alternatives to forcing rich countries to cut their carbon output”?? And the comment attributed to him about “weighing up whether emissions cuts are cheaper to do now or later” seems to be disconnected from the reality that there IS no later to wait for if we hope to hold the line at 2°C.

    In any event, the joint statement by the Royal Society and the InterAcademy Panel for the 70 of the leading national academies of science – “Ocean acidification must be on the Copenhagen agenda, world’s scientists warn” puts the lie to Lomborg’s “anything but CO2!” solution:

    The statement calls on world leaders to:

    * Acknowledge that ocean acidification is a direct and real consequence of increasing atmospheric CO2 concentrations, is already having an effect at current concentrations, and is likely to cause grave harm to important marine ecosystems as CO2 concentrations reach 450 ppm and above;
    * Recognise that reducing the build up of CO2 in the atmosphere is the only practicable solution to mitigating ocean acidification;
    * Within the context of the UNFCCC negotiations, recognise the direct threats posed by increasing atmospheric CO2 emissions to the oceans and therefore society, and take action to mitigate this threat;
    * Implement action to reduce global CO2 emissions by at least 50% of 1990 levels by 2050 and continue to reduce them thereafter…

  2. This is Lomborg trying to stay relevant, IMHO a little desperately.

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