Hilborn and Worm on the state of global fisheries

Something I had meant to comment on when it hit Science was a new collaboration between former adversaries Hilborn and Worm on fisheries management. The short of the backstory is that Worm published a high profile and heavily criticized paper in 2006 projecting the collapse of global fisheries by midcentury, and Hilborn was one of Worm’s harshest critics- going so far as to call Worm’s projection “just mind-boggling stupid.”

A longer version can be found here.

In any event, the new paper is entitled Rebuilding global fisheries (or here). For a pessimistic- and I’d posit realistic- take, check out Jennifer Jacquet’s perspective at Guilty Planet. Yes, with upfront costs and industries-wide reinvention, there is still a good chance that we can avoid the collapse of global fisheries, just like we can avoid climate disaster. The question remains, do we have the political will to do so?


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