Videobreak: Lonnie Thompson on ice core records in a warming world

Vodpod videos no longer available.

See more at the AMNH. [Via CF]


6 responses to “Videobreak: Lonnie Thompson on ice core records in a warming world

  1. Nice video link. I also highly recommend Mark Bowen’s wonderful book Thin Ice, which describes the fantastic work and unbelievable dedication that Dr. Lonnie Thompson, Dr. Ellen Mosley-Thompson, and all of their colleagues possess. What they have accomplished is truly amazing.

  2. Excellent. Captures the beauty, power and importance of earth science.

  3. Ahh, TB… my bad… I am fairly new to your site and I did not notice that you had a Books of Interest section. I am embarrassed for not being thorough. But after review, that is a very impressive Books of Interest section that you have. I am proud to say that I have read eight of those books cover-to-cover, read most of Weart’s Discovery of Global Warming on line, and recently bought the two Archer books (just started The Long Thaw). And, didn’t Discover or Science Channel air a televised version of Mark Lynas’ Six Degrees? If so, I’ve seen that.

    There is no need for me to take up your space to detail which of them I’ve read, but they were all good, and by extension, I am assuming the rest of the books on your list are also very good (other browsers take note… check TB’s list out).

    I think the only similarly themed book I recollect reading that you don’t have on your list is Undermining Science: Suppression and Distortion in the Bush Administration, which thinking back, covered pretty much the same ground as Mooney’s book, but maybe not as much “pre-Bush” discussion. And, Seth Shulman offered his own opinion on how to “restore” scientific integrity in the last chapter of the book – so a little different opinion, as it were, than Mooney. Not a lot different, I don’t recall, but different nonetheless.

    Oh, but I have seen a couple interviews with Brian Fagan right after he wrote The Great Warming and I’ve been thinking that seemed like it should be very good. Seeing several of his books on your list, I believe I’ve been thinking right, and will put that and Fagan’s other books on my long-term planning…

    Thank you, you are doing a great job here.

  4. Thanks man, I’d not seen that one either. Too many articles, not enough time.

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