An off topic bleg

So, I’ve cleared out some of my opinion links. Today, particularly, I became a little too fed up with Andrew Sullivan and Ezra Klein, two people that I used to read almost daily but lately seem to be becoming slaves to their relative positions in the blogosphere.

I love reading opinion from all over the ideological, socio-political, philosphical, what-have-you spectrums and I only have a few caveats: No bigots- I don’t care so much if someone has been accused of such by enemies/critics, but rather what even their own readers would probably acknowledge. No conspiracy theorists- this of course includes the moon hoaxers, 9/11 Troofers, anti-vaxxers, Birthers and so forth, but also the people who whisper about Monsanto the same way others do about the Trilateral Commission. And no shills- this is the stickiest wicket to avoid, I realize. I obviously don’t care if people have firmly held opinions, or even if they have opinions and work for think tanks that share these opinions (Joe Romm is an example of someone who works at a think tank and certainly shares many of its opinions, but I have no doubt about whether his opinions are his or not; likewise I don’t mind linking to The Energy Grid even though it’s sponsored by Shell for the same reason), but rather whether or not they are able to remain consistently true to themselves rather than advancing others’ opinions for a reward of some kind- be it monetary, better access, etc.

I’d also prefer if the subjects were covered were wide-ranging enough so that they don’t fall into one or another “categories” already listed (although feel free to recommend blogs for those as well).

Does anyone have any recommendations?


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