Washington Post and Fred Hiatt escalate their war on WaPo readers’ self-respect

What do you do if you’re Fred Hiatt and you’re worried that the Washington Post might still have some shred of credibility remaining (despite your best attempts to destroy it, e.g. herehereherehereherehereherehere) on the topic of climate change and energy policy?

Turn your op-ed page over to Sarah Palin so she (or her similarly dimwitted ghostwriter(s)) can rant incoherently about cap and trade.

Fred Hiatt and the Washington Post can’t say it any clearer: they think their readers are abject morons deserving of nothing better than the histrionic, ignorant scrawlings of unstable celebuticians like soon-to-be-former Governor Palin.

If you’re interested in a more thorough takedown, Joe Romm has you covered. I’ll be too busy letting my friends and family know why they should cancel their WaPo subscriptions to do it.


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