Ones for the Road

[UPDATE: One more from James Annan: Who named the Maunder Minimum?]


    2 responses to “Ones for the Road

    1. > I didn’t think it was possible to lose more respect for WaPo’s editorial board, but then things like this happen

      From the (linked) “Lady of Loose Virtues” article about WaPo,
      “…territory was pioneered by WaPo’s “dean,” David Broder…who took trips and honoraria from health care groups and then wrote columns that reflected their interests.”

      Is WaPo’s David Broder related to John M Broder of the NYTimes Environment pod?
      (If so- egads, what a small world over there…)

    2. ….the answer is no, they’re not related, according to this Slate article –
      (h/t DC)

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