Ones for the Road

[I used to have a list of things I was currently reading heading up my blogroll, but I axed it sometime back as the scrolling to get to some of the blogs listed towards the bottom was tedious enough. I’m going to test out periodically posting a “what I’m reading” list and see how that works. It does seem to be all the rage these days.]


2 responses to “Ones for the Road

  1. Hey, thanks a lot for linking to my blog on forests at the Bonn climate change talks!

    I read one of your other links about how Obama’s climate change plan will allow for growth in the use of coal. Crazy…

    Thanks again.

  2. If the leaders of the global political economy continue to recklessly expand the large-scale production of food to feed an already rapidly growing population, then absolute global human population numbers will continue to skyrocket as they are now. The relentless effort to increase the world’s food supply appears to be a primary precipitant of a global human population explosion. A billion people are hungry on Earth in our time. More poor people live in our planetary home today than existed on Earth in the year of my birth.

    Why not end large-scale agricultural production and everywhere encourage an increase in sustainable farming practices? Why not fairly and equitably distribute the world’s abundant food harvests so that the starving can fed? We have hundreds of millions of people who are starving as well as many too many millions of people who suffer from the ravages of gluttony. The human family could move toward more healthful living standards for all by redistributing available food resources.

    The family of humanity is going to have to stop sleepwalking through life and immediately awaken, however difficult that may be, to the human-driven global challenges threatening human wellbeing and environmental health in our time.

    Perhaps necessary change is in the offing because its occurrence must come soon.

    Otherwise, I fear, the human community could reap the Biblical whirlwind, a storm blast of epic proportions, that gives rise to some kind of unimaginably huge and destructive global ecological wreckage.

    Steven Earl Salmony
    AWAREness Campaign on the Human Population,
    established 2001

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