The denialfest so nice they held it twice?

Heartland is putting on another denialapalooza today? I thought they just had one in March?! Why didn’t anyone tell me? There’s nothing in the news about it-  I had to find out browsing wingnutantiregulation front group blogs. What could possibly be the impetus for a do-over? 

Oh to be a fly on the wall at 4:15 EDT when Chris “Osamabamarama” Monckton and Jimmy “greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people” Inhofe weigh in with their trenchant, expert analyses during the Keynote[!] Addresses.  I can’t wait to read the transcripts.

[UPDATE: DeSmogBlog was all over it yesterday, naturally. I’m betting I managed to miss more than just them in my apparently careless searches.]


3 responses to “The denialfest so nice they held it twice?

  1. I and hundreds of other Meteorologists who work in TV and TV Weather-casters received a nice glossy package from Heartland last week.
    Supposedly the entire surface temp. record is unreliable and climate change is a hoax. They sure wasted their postage on me.

  2. Were there any classic climate-disinformation flareups in the runup to this one? (akin to George Will, for the last one)

    (I don’t recall, but might have missed it)

    We do need to get the names of all these guys and spread them online, permanently. Let their grandchildren make an informed decision on what nursing home to send Grandpa to.

  3. “It’s so nice, it’s so nice, we do it twice”

    – a long-time slogan at tandem Computer, long-time maker of fault-tolerant computers, now a part of HP.

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