Silence Is The Enemy

I’ve been largely without internet access over the last few days, so I am a little late in seeing Sheril Kirshenbaum’s post at The Intersection on her project Silence Is The Enemy, dedicated to raising awareness about/fighting rape and sexual assualt in Liberia and around the world.  Please head over there and read it, and do take the time to read the Kristof piece that in part inspired it as well.

When faced with such seemingly insurrmountable problems, there can be a tendency to feel overwhelmed and powerless to do anything about them. But if you’re reading this, you probably believe that even the largest crises we face can be combatted, and that everyone can do his or her part to that end. 

The following blogs are donating their June revenue to MSF (aka Doctors Without Borders) in support of the project, so please click through as many times as you can throughout the month: 

A full listing of the blogs supporting Silence Is The Enemy is here. The Facebook group is here.

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