Fox News: “Energy Secretary’s White-Paint Proposal Puzzles Climate-Change Experts”

There is, to my knowledge, probably no facet of climatology as uncontroversial as the albedo effect. So which “Climate-Change Experts” can’t seem to wrap their heads around this most basic of concepts you might ask? Exxon Mobil, Philip Morris funded Steve Milloy. Fox’s inhouse industry shill.  

The only other person cited in the article who could possibly be counted as  “puzzled” (indeed, the only other person quoted at all) by Chu’s backing of the common sense, low cost mitigation strategy of increasing albedo through lighter surface colors is “Dr. Gordon Bonan, a climate scientist at [NCAR]”, for not knowing the precise effect of the albedo engineering Chu was describing implemented on a global scale:

You could try to extend this idea to the entire planet, but I’ve never seen any numbers on how much impact this would have on the Earth’s surface temperature.

So Fox’s own industry shill and a scientist who at the time of interview hadn’t actually seen the relevant numbers Chu was discussing comprise the “Climate-Change Experts” “puzzled” by Chu.

Thanks, Fox! Gorgeous journalism, that.

[UPDATE: Here’s the paper the LBNL team published, for those interested]


6 responses to “Fox News: “Energy Secretary’s White-Paint Proposal Puzzles Climate-Change Experts”

  1. For some rough ideas on global impact, see comment at RC.

    I wouldn’t really try to cover Greenland with aluminum foil.

  2. It’s basic common sense…white is cooler than black.
    Milloy spouting off about “road blindness” is a real howler.

  3. 1. Notice how the Fox story quotes Milloy first (talk about alarmism!) and then Gordon Bonan with the more level-headed response second.

    2. No Fox, it’s not about applying “white paint” to roofs and streets. It’s about using different materials altogether during construction. The in print J Climate article never mentions anything about “painting” anything.

    3. The only reason Gordon Bonan might have been puzzled was that he was trying to figure out just exactly how to respond to a Fox “news” reporter without having it come out completely mangled.

  4. oops, Climatic Change, not J Climate

  5. What I don’t get is why does Milloy care at all? Painting rooves and roads white won’t hurt his funder’s industries – if anything it’ll help them slightly by getting truck out on the roads to ship the paint around.

    Unless this is just his way of trying to make Chu look stupid… if so, it back fired…

  6. naught101:

    1) If people were to start doing this, it would be a recognition that there might be a problem worth working on.

    2) that would be like letting the camel’s nose into the tent.

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