Sixth Extinction in The New Yorker

As I’ve probably mentioned before, I’m a big fan of Betsy Kolbert’s writing. Her multipleaward-winning series The Climate of Man and its book incarnation Field Notes from a Catastrophe are usually the first place I send people looking for a pop intro to the issue of climate change. 

In Monday’s issue of the New Yorker, she has a lengthy piece about our ongoing mass extinction event, or Sixth Extinction, through the lens of modern amphibian decline and the recent white-nose related bat die off.

And even if as Callan noted she doesn’t get the geologic perspective exactly right (even Darwin got things wrong, extinctions among them), all in all it’s still an excellent, though terribly sobering read. There’s also an ~ 11 minute interview with Kolbert that can serve as  a summary of sorts for the time-constrained.

[Via The Depository]


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