An Earth Day post to chew on

I don’t agree 100% with everything here [he seems to be vastly overestimating nuclear’s current ability to safely fill the gaps of a non-carbon intensive energy infrastructure, and I think he may be overreaching himself in the other direction on organic food (for the record I’m agnostic on the nutritional merits)]- but I think the broad strokes bear repeating:

It seems that every year, the environmental ethic becomes more and more mired in the pseudo-scientific woo that Rachel Carson would have found absurd. Complementary and alternative ‘medicine’, organic food, consumer product branding, anti-pharm, anti-business, anti-government fear mongering. Forgive the incorrigible pun, but we no longer see the forests for the trees, and the environment is dying because of it…

… Somewhere between 1962 and today, this became an us against them movement. We are fighting to save the world from polluters, big business, big industry. We’re the planeteers, they are the bad guys. But guess what? That’s not the way it is. We’re all the bad guys, we’re all the polluters. We’re big business, big industry. We are all in this together. We live or die by our ability to come together as a species and decide yes, we value the planet we live on. We value it for many different reasons, but we all find value in it.

[Via Observations of a Nerd]


2 responses to “An Earth Day post to chew on

  1. From my reading of the scientific literature, he in no way overreaches himself on organic food. The linked article is excellent (mainly because it reinforces my own views ;)). Thanks for that.

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