Sarah Palin, climate change activist!

We all remember Palin’s remarkably speedy transition from denialist to the mainstream, but now she’s out in front on the issue, telling Interior Sec. Ken Salazar:

Simply waiting for low-carbon-emitting renewable capacity to be large enough will mean that it will be too late to meet the mitigation goals for reducing [carbon dioxide] that will be required under most credible climate-change models.

Gobsmacked? Don’t be. Palin has long been in favor of keeping Alaska green, and this is no exception: “Alaskan officials say that opening offshore waters to petroleum production would create 35,000 jobs with a payroll of $72 billion over the next 50 years.”

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3 responses to “Sarah Palin, climate change activist!

  1. Well, astonishing though it may be, there is one way to interpret this in which Palin is correct. After all, gas is less bad than coal in CO2/useful energy, so if there were some magic way to suddenly replace all coal with gas, I’d do it.

    [It was a dig at her crass opportunism, not a dismissal of natural gas’s lower CO2 footprint. -TB]

    Of course, if one looks carefully at Palin’s gas pipeline plans, it appears that it goes to the Athabasca Hub, where presumably the gas would get used for tar sands extraction, not in sending to the Lower-48.

    Finally, Michael Klare’s comments on AK as a petro-state remain relevant.

  2. As an Alaskan all I can say is that you trust her to do anything at your peril.

    She’s crashing and burning as governor, too.

  3. Well, “trust” is a funny word. From a distance, I am happy to “trust” here to be consistent in soem ways, as per long reading of Mudflats, which proved to be quite enlightening during the election, and still is.

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