Geo-engineering discussion continued, AMS draft Policy Statement edition

Via Dot Earth, the American Meteorological Society is soliciting comments/discussion on its “draft Policy Statement on Geoengineering the Climate System”- the deadline is April 23rd. The concluding paragraphs jibe nicely with my stance on the issue-

Therefore, the American Meteorological Society recommends:

1) Enhanced research on the scientific and technological potential for geoengineering the climate system, including research on the unintended as well as intended environmental responses.

2) Additional study of the historical, ethical, legal, political and societal aspects of the geoengineering issues.

3) Development and analysis of policy options to promote transparency and international cooperation in exploring geoengineering options along with restrictions on reckless efforts to manipulate the climate system.

Geoengineering will not substitute for either aggressive mitigation or proactive adaptation. It could contribute to a comprehensive risk management strategy to slow climate change and alleviate its negative impacts, but the potential for adverse and unintended consequences implies a need for adequate research, appropriate regulation and transparent consideration.

As I’ve said before, it’s my hope that transparently evaluating geo-engineering will increase support for rather than distract from emissions-reduction mitigation. It’s also nice to see that the AMS seems to be aware of the political, legal, security etc. pitfalls that make geo-engineering decidedly less practical than an international emissions reduction treaty.


4 responses to “Geo-engineering discussion continued, AMS draft Policy Statement edition

  1. Any geoengineering scheme that does not halt ocean acidification as well will not keep us out of the poop.

  2. Coby,

    The AMS statement acknowledges that fact.

  3. Good! I only read your excerpt…(what would Eli say? RTFR I am sure).

    I find it amusing that the denialosphere can simultaneously support geoengineering and the level of global cooperation and control it would require (can you say New World Order?) and yet scream the UN wants my guns when we talk about an emissions treaty…

  4. You can bet they want to privatize/commercialize any and all geo-engineering ventures. After all, making money is objective #1 and stabilizing the climate is secondary right?

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