Videobreak: Earth [Trailer]

[Via WattHead]

Notes Brewer:

Throughout, this film is simply breathtaking.

Also noticeably absent is any message of impending doom or destruction. There is clearly an underlying tone that our planet is warming and that the climate is changing, and that is having an effect on the film’s stars (particularly the polar bear) — but the filmmakers do so without political bent and in stark contrast to films like Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth and DiCaprio’s 11th Hour.

Again, this film is aimed to inspire. And it does.

As I’ve mentioned in the past– we need more of this. Some will (and already are, e.g. here) bemoan this as a missed opportunity to proselytize about the legion of threats, largely anthropogenic, facing the natural world. I think it’s necessary for the long term to instill in the public a sense of investment from a positive standpoint, rather than nonstop finger pointing. Emphasizing the negative alone, long enough, is sure to result in disengagement and resignation.

[Some of you have probably noticed that there is footage used in and similar to the Planet Earth television series- the projects were shot concurrently (it was also released in roughly this same movie format in 2007 in the UK with Patrick Stewart narrating). It is being released as a feature film in the US for the 2009 Earth Day.]


One response to “Videobreak: Earth [Trailer]

  1. “How can people be expected to care if they aren’t inspired”

    I think about this idea a lot these days, and I fully agree with it. Moreover, I think this is absolutely the essence of the problem. Everything boils down to values–to caring about things. I think you could make a strong case that those who oppose the idea that humans are altering the climate, are one and the same with those who don’t really CARE about the planet (0r at best, don’t understand the effects of climate on nature and societies). But they hide their lack of care (which would garner them much ill will from the public) with various lame objections to the science. Only when you care do you make the effort to really understand how things work. Caring is the first and most necessary pre-requesite (though not the only one)

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