George Will and Washington Post redouble attacks on own credibility

Here it is: George F. Will, Washington Post – Climate Science in a Tornado [2/27/09]

Updates to follow, prior coverage here.

[QUICK UPDATE: Early reactions:]

Zachary Roth, TPMMuckraker/TPM – In New Column, Will Sticks To His Guns On Global Warming [2/26/09]

A. Siegel, Get Energy Smart Now – Will’s whining … defending the indefensible … [2/26/09]

Carl Zimmer, The Loom/DiscoBlogs – George Will: Locked In Ice! [2/26/09]

Curtis Brainard, The Observatory/Columbia Journalism Review – The George Will Affair [2/26/09]

Jamison Foser, County Fair/Media Matters – Lashing out at critics, George Will spreads more falsehoods in new global warming column [2/26/09]

Jamison Foser, County Fair/Media Matters – WaPo goes all in [2/26/09]

A. Siegel, Get Energy Smart Now – Will directly lies … again … and again … and again … [2/26/09]

Tim Lambert, Deltoid/SciBlogs – Washington Post decides that George Will is entitled to his own facts [2/26/09]

Jason Linkins, Huffington Post – George Will, Washington Post Mount Defense Of Widely Debunked Editorial [2/26/09]

Joe Romm, Climate Progress/CAP – In a journalistic blunder reminiscent of the Janet Cooke scandal, the Washington Post lets George Will reassert several climate falsehoods plus some new ones [2/27/09]

Carl Zimmer, The Loom/DiscoBlogs – Unchecked Ice: A Saga in Five Chapters [2/27/09]

Eric Boehlert, County Fair/Media Matters – WashPost’s Fred Hiatt plays dumb for George Will [2/27/09]

Thomas Levenson, The Inverse Square Blog – And the Kick Line Continues…George Will is a Glutton for Punishment edition [2/27/09]

Chris Mooney, The Intersection/SciBlogs – George Will Lies; His Editor Does Nothing [2/27/09]

The Way Things Break – George Will and The Washington Post – Reputations gone up in smoke over global warming denialism [2/27/09]

Chris Mooney, The Intersection/SciBlogs – My Email to Fred Hiatt of the Washington Post [2/27/09]

Andy Revkin, Dot Earth/New York Times – Experts: Big Flaw in Will’s Ice Assertions [2/27/09]

Isabel Macdonald, Huffington Post – Challenging George Will’s Reign of Climate Error [2/27/09]

Brad Johnson, Think Progress/CAP – Washington Post’s Fred Hiatt Defines George Will’s Lies As “Inferences” [2/27/09]

Attaturk, Rising Hegemon – Shorter George Will [2/27/09]

Zachary Roth, TPMMuckraker/TPM – Hiatt: Will Challenging Climate Change Consensus Is “Healthy” [2/27/09]

Josh Dorner, The Sierra Club/Huffington Post – Will-ful Deceit at the Washington Post [2/27/09]

Mitchell Anderson, DeSmogBlog – George Will’s Big Climate Change Adventure [2/27/09]

James Hrynyshyn, Island of Doubt/SciBlogs – Once more into the breach [2/27/09]

Senator John Kerry, Huffington Post – Facts Are Stubborn Things: George Will and Climate Change [2/27/09]

Coby Beck, A Few Things Ill Considered/SciBlogs -Things Break takes down George Will’s latest [2/27/09]

John Fleck, Inkstain – In Defense of Walter Sullivan [2/27/09]


6 responses to “George Will and Washington Post redouble attacks on own credibility

  1. Again, sigh, have some more. Two pieces that I wrote last night:

    And, sigh, about to write some more on this. There are, as you’d agree, far more pleasant issues to write on.

    [Added. -TB]

  2. Shorter George Will:

    When you’re in a hole and shoveling isn’t saving you, try dynamite. Pack it carefully around your head, stand on your head, and dig deeper.

    He says “Daily Tech” is a science and technology news site. What more’s needed?

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