Wall Street Journal editorial board sinks to new depths of conservative ludicrousness

While we’re on the subject of conservative pundit idiocy regarding climate change (and the WSJ editorial board generally) it sure was nice of Holman Jenkins to Godwin his ‘critique’ of Obama’s renewable energy goals and spare serious people the need to read the rest of his stupefying denialist nonsense:

Put away the “energy independence” conceit. This notion, a favorite of Tojo and Hitler, was debunked by Churchill, who reasoned that true energy security came from a diversity of suppliers, not the foolish pursuit of self-sufficiency.

The things wrong with these two sentences alone are legion. The rest of the op-ed is- if you can believe it- worse. I don’t have time to get into it tonight. But I truly, truly understand why John Cole created the category “Clown Shoes”.

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[UPDATE: Hah. Perfect timing. I look forward to the WSJ “diversifying” its commentary with future Antichrist, pimp, bisexual, etc. comparisons.]

Vodpod videos no longer available.


4 responses to “Wall Street Journal editorial board sinks to new depths of conservative ludicrousness

  1. Jenkins:

    “And, by the way, he kids himself if he believes he will be allowed, like FDR, to preside over a depression without being politically blamed for it. The public is different now — the world is different — and he will own the “Obama depression” sooner than he thinks.”

    What a charmer. In other words We eagerly look forward to pinning the blame for our disastrous blunders on the people who are trying to pick up the pieces after us.

    O is no fool, though. He’s conscientiously doing his best to head that one off at every turn. Let’s hope for success on that front as well as the many others. So far the public isn’t buying that one.

    I suppose one should rail against the WSJ for printing this sort of poison, but it’s getting to be pointless. Surely nobody takes these people seriously anymore.

  2. Oh noes! What could possibly have caused Tojo to have expressed any worry about having a Churchill-type diversity of suppliers?

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