Stephen Moore at it again

Here (h/t TPM) is the Wall Street Journal’s ever-respectable Stephen Moore on Glenn Beck’s show, prophesying 95% tax rates by 2014 due to current efforts to avoid a financial meltdown. Of course he cites the Heritage Foundation as his source:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It was classy of Moore to leave it to his co-guest to claim that the result of Obama’s presidency would be violent revolution and cities run by “gangs” and “motorcycle marauders”.

[UPDATE: Oh, FFS. Really?!]


3 responses to “Stephen Moore at it again

  1. I’ve discussed the split between WSJ OpEd and actual reporting What to do about poor science reporting, but I don’t get WaPo.

    Other than this George Will silliness, is there a discernible trend/opinion within the overall WaPo OpEd whenever AGW comes up?

    Put another way, is there an opinion as to whether WaPo editorship is thinking “Go George” or is (as some have speculated) saying “See, we are open to publishing a wide spectrum of opinions.”

  2. Unfortunately as we’ve seen, that might be more of a false distinction than it appears at first blush.

    There is (if not exactly deliberate) a knock-on denialist creep to the op-ed section simply due to the overt, deliberate expansion of conservative space under Hiatt. In essence, if you’re deliberately giving increased/increasing space to Will, Krauthammer, Gerson, (and soon Kristol) et al. their biases pollute the op-ed section on climate. This is true even among those who ostensibly accept anthropogenic climate change like Gerson- who provides cover for denialism and feels obligated to snipe at the edges, e.g. attacking environmentalists.

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