To answer Coby: Much, much lower

[In response to the question posed at A Few Things Ill Considered]

When he blogs, Roger really only has two speeds: anti-mitigation and troll. He’s certainly outdone himself in the latter category, calling Gavin Schmidt of GISS and RealClimate a thief [emphasis mine]:

Due to an inadvertent release of information, NASA’s Gavin Schmidt (a “real scientist” of the Real Climate blog) admits to stealing a scientific idea.

Of course Gavin “admitted” no such thing, nor is the alleged victim of the “theft” actually claiming such. I suppose when a formerly interesting blog becomes little more than a pit stop for the denialosphere, one does what one can to drive up traffic, but still…

[UPDATE: I think WC summarizes it beautifully.]


3 responses to “To answer Coby: Much, much lower

  1. Unfair to hide a CA link under “alleged victim” via a tinyurl without warning. Ew. That’s the online equivalent of the old “pull my finger” joke.

    [I do that to prevent pingbacks which bring no end of trollspam. Sorry. ;) -TB]

  2. More seriously the good boy is capturing the Science crowd with his air capture pipe dream. Eli feels compelled to call the mob out.

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