Climate-related book sale at Amazon!

After a tip from Chris at The Intersection, I discovered that a number of books from my Books of Interest page are on sale around 70% off:

You can get them all with free shipping for a measly $25.96! That’s an incredible deal. They’re all great reads, and together comprise an excellent primer on the basics as well as the politics of climate change.


One response to “Climate-related book sale at Amazon!

  1. Knowledge to the people…
    I’m deep into Climate Wars by Gwynne Dyer at the moment with some others waiting their turn.
    James Lovelock has a new one coming out that has me interested…
    Something that may interest you….I have a friend who until recently doubted AGW and merely waved off the current warming as part of some natural cycle. Abruptly he did an about-face and I was puzzled how this happened until I read Clive Cussler’s novel Arctic Drift. The books main theme is about AGW and the possible dire future ahead of us. My friend is a die-hard Clive Cussler fan….

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