The next denier talking point: “We prevented the next ice age”

Via Climate Feedback and also at New Scientist. I wonder how long it will take to be misrepresented and appropriated for inaction on emissions stabilization…

Updates to come.

[Edited to add: I realize, of course that such a talking point isn’t itself “new”. Rather, I am waiting to see how long it takes this particular study to reinvigorate it. Furthermore, in case it isn’t obvious from the tone of my post or those contacted for comment on the study, I absolutely don’t agree that the argument carries any weight. As has been mentioned in the links, the model has a bias towards large, stable sheets, and we are talking about a long, long time in the future by civilization’s standards.]

[UPDATE: Dot Earth has picked this up, and notes that:

[the study] stirred a lot of skepticism in the community of specialists examining ancient records of past climate changes and how they might relate to variations in Earth’s orbit and orientation toward the Sun and other factors. I’ll be adding some of their reactions overnight.

So far nothing from the usual suspects.]

[LATE UPDATE: Dot Earth has some reactions from the community and they range from mildly intrigued to overtly hostile (e.g. Wunsch)].

[UPDATE: Well, I guess it’s finally hitting the denialosphere. First hit on a Google blog search is from “An Honest Climate Debate: Exposing the truth about the Man-Made Climate Change theory” (Orwell would approve!). More to come. I’ll just add them to the bottom of the post without updating if they get to be too numerous.]

An Honest Climate Debate [uses Brisbane Times headline]

Australian Climate Madness: “Global warming” will avert next Ice Age [interestingly, this one is such a vehement denier it actually rejects the study because it’s based on a climate model “just like the IPCC models”]

Climate Change Fraud [uses Daily Mail headline]

Environmental Republican: Putting the Global Warming Myth On Ice

ICECAP [uses Daily Mail headline; no permalink]

Planet Gore: Enjoy Global Warming While We Can

Skeptics Global Warming: A Possible Ice Age Looms

Stop the ACLU: The Ice Age Is Coming? Really? Cool!

Tom Nelson [uses Daily Mail headline]


2 responses to “The next denier talking point: “We prevented the next ice age”

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  2. The same sort of issues arose when Ruddiman proposed his related theory in 2003, but really this doesn’t help the deniers much.

    The obvious response is: “So you’ve finally accepted the overwhelming evidence that human greenhouse emissions have a dramatic effect on the climate? Hooray!”

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