John Mashey was right about The Economist

When he told me (by way of comparison to the WSJ) that “some people…think The Economist has turned into an awful left-wing rag and dropped their scubscriptions [sic] in disgust…” I actually laughed in disbelief.

It turns out he was spot on. The Economist has endorsed the socialist enemy of free markets everywhere, Barack Hussein Obama:

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The Economist follows on the heels of the unabashedly Marxist Financial Times in endorsing the Senator from Illinois.


2 responses to “John Mashey was right about The Economist

  1. I would love to claim prescience on this endorsement, but my original comment simply summarized comments I’d heard in person and seen in blogs.

    Google: economist liberal left-wing rag
    will get you many ironic references, but some that seem to really mean it…

    In this vein, one might also quote Viscount Monckton’s letter to Senators Snowe & Rockefeller:

    “You commend Britain’s Royal Society, once a learned body and now a mere Left- leaning political pressure-group…”

    I once quoted this to a Fellow of the RS, who nearly collapsed in laughter.
    Google: monckton royal society

  2. The Nov 15-21 Economist offers letters commenting on its enodresment of Obama.

    They published mixture, but some:
    “the most baffling article I’ve read in 20 years”
    “violted the spirit and intent of American law”
    “your European welfare-state mentality”
    “Americans re a centre-right people”

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