So long and thanks for (not killing) all the fish

Connie Lautenbacher is stepping down as the head of NOAA at the end of the month. He had been making noise about leaving before the end of the current administration’s term, so this shouldn’t be viewed as a weathervane for the upcoming election. Indeed, even if McCain were strongly favored to win, Vice Admiral Lautenbacher would no doubt be just as eager to step down:

[And to think just three years later that same John McCain would be running with a GOP platform that largely dismisses anthropogenic warming, surrogates who suggest he’ll do nothing about the issue, and a Vice Presidential candidate who repeatedly denied anthropogenic climate change before coming to some sort of garbled “middle ground” that makes no sense whatsoever policy-wise. What a contrast in rhetoric.]

I hope that regardless of who next takes the helm at NOAA, its climate science will be less politicized.

[h/t The Great Beyond]


One response to “So long and thanks for (not killing) all the fish

  1. John McCain so badly wants to become President of the United States that he will do as many flips and as many flops as it takes to do so…

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