Trouble the Water

I saw this film last night and had the opportunity to sit through a Q&A with the producers and “stars” of the documentary. I’m still chewing on the movie itself. It certainly had some flaws (its current 83 at metacritic is a bit high and will likely come down if there is a nationwide release, IMO), but overall it was a solid documentary.

There is no mention of climate change in the film, and I am as leery as everyone else is of tying Katrina directly to anthropogenic warming, but as I walked out of the theater I couldn’t help but think how this film could have done what Sizzle attempted to do with its Katrina section in a much more powerful way.

It’s a film that’s worth a view. If it comes through your city, or if it ever gains a nationwide release, I certainly recommend seeing it.


One response to “Trouble the Water

  1. And now there’s Ike.

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