Keep me in the loop

This is going to be a busy week for me, so blogging will be light. In the mean time, a few recent items of interest:

  • Deep Sea News has been stolen away from The Collective by the Discovery Blogs Channel.
  • The McCain campaign continues to signal that it isn’t serious about taking on climate change (h/t BSD).
  • Dot Earth highlights one of my more common gripes about mainstream economics WRT climate change- limitless growth, supply-side economic ideologies are fundamentally undermined by the acceptance of anthropogenic climate change. This leads to a great deal of econ-oriented pushback on the reality and attribution of climate change (e.g. Steve Forbes, the various Market Fundamentalist think tanks, basically every op-ed on climate change printed in the WSJ, etc.).
  • An ongoing debate about whether Naomi Oreskes has misrepresented the late William Nierenberg’s work is taking place at Atmoz, Deltoid, and Stoat. If nothing else, this discussion confirms the obvious- John Mashey really should create a blog. It would be high on my reading list.

Let me know if anything else interesting pops up in the next few days.


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