Incest or asexual reproduction?

Some time in the last week or so, surreptitiously updated its About page (while leaving the date unchanged, with no mention of the update on the page itself or in any posts from that time period [correction, there was a post], quietly laying its origins bare and ultimately all too familiar.

It was created by Bret Jacobson- a 28-year-old free market, anti-labor movement “communications specialist” who founded Maverick Strategies, LLC to spread the messages of like-minded organizations, i.e. anti-regulation front groups.

How many Degrees of Separation from Big Oil FUD?

  • TheChillingEffect was adopted around two weeks ago by The Institute for Liberty, a far right, anti-regulation think tank.
  • The IFL was until recently headed by Jason F. Wright.
  • Jason Wright is a former VP of Frontiers of Freedom, another anti-regulation think tank (boasting such alumni as Willie Soon, S. Fred Singer, Bob Ferguson, Chris Horner, etc.) which is/was an ExxonMobil/oil and tobacco-backed front group.

We can actually do a little better if we look at Big Tobacco directly:

The IFL has also been involved in similar astroturfing on behalf of Pharma, and more openly lobbying against Net Neutrality and on behalf of the US defense industry.


One response to “Incest or asexual reproduction?

  1. You could have saved yourself some time by reading the post making the announcement (here) several weeks ago [Corrected.]

    Either way, thanks for reading.

    [Care to disclose who you were astroturfing for before you were picked up by IFL. Or where IFL is getting the funding to “adopt” your site? -TB]

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