Like a bad penny

Gary Yohe has recently taken issue with skeptical golden boy Bjørn Lomborg’s portrayal of some results of the findings of Yohe et al. for the most recent Copenhagen Consensus. Lomborg has been repeatedly called to task (see here, here, here, here, and here for instance) for misrepresenting the positions, findings, and opinions of a diverse range of studies, organizations, scientists, and authors so this isn’t exactly man bites dog news.

Roger Pielke, Jr. has decided to fan the flames by having Lomborg and Yohe hash it out in the comments section of Prometheus, which will be a welcome change from the “me too” (as Coby puts it) chorusing of his newly entrenched skeptical readership. [H/T to The Post-Normal Times]

Lomborg, Richard Tol, and Yohe have weighed in initially. Will Lomborg be able to rehabilitate his increasingly tarnished brand?


One response to “Like a bad penny

  1. Lomborg is a puzzle. As Richard Tol points out on the Prometheus thread, economists universally agree that the best way to get low-C energy R&D is via carbon pricing, and not by massive government pork. Lomborg doesn’t really seem to have a clue.

    What IS interesting, though, is that Jim Manzi, a conservative commentator who now has the spotlight over at Cato’s online climate issue (an issues specuifically noted by Roger), is expressly backing climate science/geoeongineering investments via a new climate DARPA, at the same time that Roger is criticizing a request by climate science organizations for more funding:

    Joe Romm is doing a good job responding to Manzi; my comments are here:

    Just to be contrary, it looks to me like Roger was making an attempt to bring Lomborg and Yohe together. In any event, he gets some credit for enabling a clarification of issues.

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