“Sizzle” Tuesday

Seems to have fizzled. Lots of common criticisms (muddled pacing, broad stereotyping, unnecessary characters, lack of a cohesive/coherent narrative, etc.). Full list of reviews beneath the fold.

They’re pretty much all mixed-to-fairly negative. With few, obvious exceptions: Mooney and Kirshenbaum at The Intersection, who have been outspoken partisans for Olson since the Expelled/Framing kerfuffle, and Jennifer Jacquet at Shifting Baselines- Olson’s SciBlogs launch pad for the film.


[UPDATE: Another positive (“with nitpicks”) review comes from Jennifer at Cocktail Party Physics. I hadn’t meant to imply that only positive reviews were from The Intersection and Shifting Baselines, and in fact I intend on noting “Positive/Mixed/Negative” type summary next to each link later today.]

[LATE UPDATE: I’ve dropped the ball on this, there have been updates from people I haven’t tracked and at least one additional original scibling review from A Few Things Ill Considered (now added). I will try to do an updated survey with a general comment after all of the reviews and updates and comments are taken into consideration. The fallout, from those who followed up, was not pretty- but that isn’t the only case to be made, as Shifting Baselines points out.]


4 responses to ““Sizzle” Tuesday

  1. I would classify my review at Cocktail Party Physics as mostly positive with a few nitpicks. :)

    [Noted, and updated – TB]

  2. I would classify my review as profoundly negative with no saving graces whatsoever.


  3. I was late to the party, but my review is up on the Sizzle Tuesday page now too, maybe you can add it to your list if you get a chance : )

    It was a mixed review.

    [Added. Sorry for missing it.]

  4. BTW, I have scheduled a plug for yoursite tomorrow. Good stuff!

    [Thanks, and if you do and it isn’t too much to ask, I’d appreciate it if you could maybe point to or otherwise reference the open source/free information that is out there– this site was originally just intended to be a placeholder for those kind of links, and the “official” ones. What I have to say is inevitably much less interesting than what the science and data do. Hope that isn’t a pushy request. All the best, TB]

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