Francis T. Manns AKA Dr. No

What is it with Canadian mineral explorationists and climate denialism?

Francis T. Manns (AKA FT Manns) goes by a number of usernames: Art Esian, Dr. No (or Dr. NoNo), Entrylevel, etc.

“Dr. No” from the Bond film of the same name. Image courtesy of Wikicommons.

He was at one time a publishing geologist. He has worked for Northgate Exploration Ltd. He created a denialist PowerPoint presentation which has been used by the Friends of Science front group. He is apparently now 64, suffering from sciatica, and a self-described “displaced person”, living in Toronto.

He has spammed a rather incoherent rant about the oceans being basically immune to acidification on a dizzying number of blogs, including this one. It seems he also engages in blatant sock puppetry, or is suffering from a severe mental disorder, as he converses with himself in thread comments.

He also claims that CO2 is “plant fertilizer”.


[H/T to “matt” from The Coffee House, for much of this info.]


One response to “Francis T. Manns AKA Dr. No

  1. Mann is apparently still at work, dropping copy/paste denialist comments on varied and sundry blogs, mine being one.

    This blog has found that Mann has visited no less than 87 other sites as some sort of half-hearted campaign to destroy the theory of global warming.

    I don’t think Dr. No stands a chance…unless he starts using sharks with frickin’ lasers on their heads!

    [Looks like your links were eaten. I’m assuming your first was to your own blog and the second was to MT’s. Let me know if I guessed incorrectly. – TB]

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